Codeblog changelog – February 23rd


2,400 people are on the waiting list for Codeblog now. A small batch of invites will go out by Monday.

Changelog for February 23rd

This is what I built today.


A Glitter component and a Highlight component are now available in the sidebar. Bringing the total number of components to the sidebar to...two.

Three color for <Highlight />

  • color="yellow"
  • color="green"
  • color="pink"

Click to use component

Click <Glitter /> and you get glitter. Clicking on a component in the sidebar adds it to your post.

What's not shown: imports are handled automatically, even when the component has to be downloaded from npm.


The editor supports previewing posts without saving them. Before, you had to publish the blog post in order to see it.

Edit metadata

Until today, the only way to edit the title, link, or summary of blog posts was secret. I didn't have time to give it a UI yet. Now, it's there.

I still need to add a social image option, however Google/Facebook seem to be okay at auto-detecting it, so it's lower priority for now.

Syntax highlighting

The editor now has syntax highlighting. Might still play around with the theme though.

Help with components

Someday, I want Codeblog to have hundreds of components wired up for anyone to use (even if you don't know how to code) – silly stuff, practical stuff (e.g. <TweetThread />), and useless stuff. I want most of these to be built by people using Codeblog.

If you have ideas for components, please email me: Pull requests would be even better: If you submit a PR for more components, I'll make sure you get access to Codeblog sooner.