Codeblog changelog: March Edition

It's been too long since I wrote an update. A lot has changed!

A new editor

Codeblog's new editor shows a live updating preview as you write. The preview supports React components from NPM and files from your post.

Styling text is easier

This tooltip makes styling text easy:

This is a fake paragraph

You can try this out.

Add .js and .css files to your post

Adding .js and .css files to posts makes writing one-off, silly code easy. For example, this fake selected text is CSS I added to this blog post.

.js files support React.js and modern JavaScript by default. Codeblog handles the details of transpilation, installing node_modules, webpack, and all that complexity for you. It's 100% okay if you don't know what any of that means.

Publish instantly

Clicking "Publish" and seeing the result is now ~instant. It wasn't before. I made codeblogs load faster too.